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Redesigned with zero emissions!  

The Oreion HUMMER™ HX™ is the only proportionally correct licensed cart. The HX™ design has been detailed throughout, from the signature HUMMER™ louver grille, custom wheels, door sills, styled seats and floor mats.


All matching features have been considered with the trunk top, door hinges, windshield surround, LED lights and luxury interior.


The Oreion HUMMER™ HX™ has been manufactured to the highest standard seen within its market; not only are the aesthetics all taken care of so is the unseen engineering; built from a robust lightweight chassis, using advanced electronics and components with hardwearing mechanical parts. The HX™ has been assembled to meet rigorous US standards.

LED lights are installed to cover; driving beam, side lights, turn signals, brakes and reversing. Unlike other electric carts in this category the Oreion HUMMER™ HX™ is fitted with adaptive rear drums and hydraulic front discs brakes for optimum stopping power. The HX™ has a horn for attention!


Distinct from traditional 48v systems on today’s market the HX™ utilizes a 72v supply powering an efficient AC brushless motor giving impressive torque through to full speed. From the multi region approved on board Delta-Q™ charger the AC system provides greater efficiency giving the HX™ an impressive 60 + mile range per charge. The fully adjustable A-Frame front and semi-independent rear suspension has been built to automotive standards to ensure a comfortable yet sporty ride.


Oreion have built the HX™ with an impressive choice of features included as standard. However, to ensure that each Oreion HUMMER™ HX™ has its own unique appeal we offer optional accessories ranging from color coded bumpers to a solar panel charging roof system and leather interior color choices. On top of these optional accessories the HX™ also comes in a choice of 5 standard automotive finish colors.